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cultured stone veneer

About Us

The Sierra Stone Company is a manufacturing cultured stone veneer company located in El Paso, Texas. Establishing our company in this area has benefited our customers with advantages to provide landscaping material immediately once ordered. Come and visit our showroom on the east side of El paso. Our styles and colors will give you many options for your home or business. We recommend viewing a physical sample prior to purchasing if possible, samples of our stones can be seen at our showroom or through our distributors. Our stone can be used on exterior of residences, apartment, and commercial buildings. Interior application on fireplaces, counter fronts, column, accent walls and outdoor kitchens are just a few to consider. At Sierra Stone we use a molding system to create castings derived from natural stone which gives our manufactured stone products a realistic texture. We add iron oxide pigments to the mixture resulting in an natural color appearance. Want to update your older home? This is an excellent option for remolding projects, and this cultured stone may be applied directly over existing brick to give your home a beautiful, updated look.

At Sierra Stone Company, our goal has been to have the finest most realistic manufactured stone veneer, and produce a unique product that can be easily installed to any prepared area to help reduce your overall installation cost. Located and manufactured in El Paso TX we provide Interior or exterior stone veneer enhancements for residential or commercial applications, you can be confident our stone will match and exceed the highest industry standards with realism and atmosphere. Add value to your home by remodeling and upgrading with our fine stone veneer products, bricks and pavers. An updated look resulting in a more beautiful and enhanced home and landscaping. Beautiful interior application on fireplaces, counter tops, columns and accent walls. Stunning exterior application on chimneys, gardens, columns, walls and outdoor kitchens. Architectural elements, bullnose and concrete bricks, heartstones, window sills and pavers. Endless possibilities with our stone and your imagination. Cut costs buying only by the foot, only what you need! Largest inventory in town! Factory direct prices: Manufactured locally !

How we are different (We build)

We embrace competition, it makes us differentiate and strive to be better. We as a stone veneer manufacturer have a unique advantage over our competitors. We can control the entire manufacturing process, from the sourcing of raw materials to the final assembly of the product.

This gives us a high degree of flexibility and allows us to quickly adapt to changes in the market. We can also offer our customers a wider range of customization options than our competitors. In addition, our manufacturing facilities are located in EL Paso TX.

This ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality. Finally, we have a long history of customer satisfaction. We have been manufacturing products for over 30 years, and we have a reputation for providing excellent customer service. These are just a few of the ways that we are different from the competition.

If you are looking for a manufacturer that can provide you with high-quality products, excellent customer service, and flexibility, then we encourage you to contact us.

Here are some other ways that a manufacturer can be different from the competition:

Innovation: A manufacturer can differentiate itself by being innovative. This could mean developing new products, new manufacturing processes, or new ways to market products.

Quality: A manufacturer can differentiate itself by offering high-quality products. This could mean using high-quality materials, having strict quality control standards, or offering a warranty on products.

Service: A manufacturer can differentiate itself by providing excellent customer service. This could mean offering fast turnaround times, being responsive to customer inquiries, or providing training on products.

Location: A manufacturer can differentiate itself by being located in a strategic location. This could mean being close to customers, being close to raw materials, or being in a low-cost labor market.

By focusing on these areas, a manufacturer can create a competitive advantage and attract customers away from the competition.

cultured stone veneer

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